It’s Embarrassing: Every Business Function Measures Quality, Except Recruiting


Recruiting Is Literally the Last Function to Measure It’s Output Quality Quality is such an easy-to-understand thing. It is an improvement in performance above and beyond the ordinary. Since the 1980s, every internal corporate business function has found a way to measure the quality of its outputs, whether they are products or services….

How Frequent Turnover in Top Leadership Can Turn an Organization Toxic


A few months ago Amtrak faced the worst train accident to ever hit the northeast corridor. Though still under NTSB investigation – it is likely that no one single issue caused the crash. It was a sequence of events that lead to the Amtrak disaster, and not all of them occurred onboard the…

5 Better Things to Do Than Have Status Meetings


What’s a good staff meeting? This is such an important topic that any effective manager needs to really get it right. Here are some questions I get: What should I be doing with my staff as a team? How should I organize my staff meetings? What are the right topics to discuss? What is…

Leadership 101: Do Your Daily Interactions Command Respect and Trust?


I had a recent interaction that got me thinking about how people show up in the world so differently, and how the way we show up tells others about who we are. While it’s important for anyone who cares about their career, reputation, and effectiveness to reflect on how they come across, it’s…

Why I Struggle With Workplace Parties (Especially When HR Plans Them)


Does it strike you as odd that the July/August HR Magazine features a seven-page article titled 25 Fun & Easy Ways to Boost Morale? On first glance, this looks pretty neat. The writer crowd-sourced ideas on social media and shared them in the article. The ideas range from movie tickets to time off…

6 Ways The Best Leaders Innovate and Bring Great Ideas To Life

Think big idea

Ideas are incredibly valuable assets for leaders and for organizations. One of the most effective competitive strategies you can leverage is to improve your products or services. Often, this is easier said than done, and even when you are successful, you’re challenged with achieving innovative, breakthrough results on a continual basis to remain…

How to Increase Productivity — Even When You’re Not Leading the Team


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”—Zig Ziglar, American motivational speaker Active, participative teamwork has become crucial to the modern business environment. Gone are the days when one person could anchor a team by doing everything well — or doing everything, period….

The One Thing Every Great Leader Cares About Most

Leadership heart

Today I was reminded in a potent and somewhat painful way that leaders have a truly awesome responsibility. When leaders speak, others are obligated to listen. When leaders direct, others are obligated to follow. It’s the nature of positional power. And because formal leaders have positional power, every leader who aspires to greatness…