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A Sobering Video Reminder That Sexual Harassment is Still a Workforce Issue

Sexual harassment

By Eric B. Meyer Most of you have probably seen or heard about Mean Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel Live! That’s the segment where celebrities stand in front of the camera with smartphone in hand awkwardly reading the snippets of vitriol that Twitters users can spew about them in 140 characters or less. The…

As Google Found Out, It Takes a Lot Of Work to Really Hire Smarter


As much as we might not like to admit it, our career paths are heavily influence by sheer luck and happenstance, i.e., knowing someone who can give us a referral, or simply being in the right place at the right time. But that doesn’t mean hard work is without merit; it just means…

A Growing Challenge: Getting Employers Ready for Legal Marijuana


I just read an interesting report from Assurex Global, titled Workplace Impacts of Marijuana Legalization, that opened up my eyes to a growing employer challenge. If you don’t live in – or have employees in – the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska or Colorado, you’ve probably wondered about how it works to have…

Forget the Feds – States and Cities Are Driving Changes in Employment Issues


By Gregory Hanscom While many are mesmerized by the presidential primaries and remain frustrated by gridlock in Congress, states and municipalities are aggressively tackling social and economic issues that impact employers. The states of California and New York recently enacted legislation that will gradually raise the minimum wage in each state to either…

It’s Amazing What May Pass For Age Discrimination These Days


By Eric B. Meyer Wait! Another age discrimination post? Yep. Because I want to juxtapose a constant barrage of age-related comments from non-decision makers with a situation in which a few stray, marginally age-related comments from the shot-callers can create a viable age discrimination. The case is Tighe v. BAE Systems. BAE Systems employed Dr….

When It Comes to Career, It’s Up to Every Employee to Stay Relevant

Career goal

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” Upon saying that, all his management team, himself included, sadly teared up. This was the statement from the CEO of Nokia at a press conference to announce that Nokia was being acquired by Microsoft. Intel just announce that they are laying off 12,000 workers…

Remote Work: There Are Lots of Pluses, But Some Unexpected Minuses, Too

Flex Work Flexible work home worker

Be honest, what’s your first reaction when you hear that an employee is going to “work from home” for the day? It’s OK if you envision them golfing or binging on Netflix, because for years, “working at home” was a euphemism for slacking off. But, with the proliferation of smartphones and endless Wi-Fi…

“Stray Remarks” by Co-Workers Don’t Constitute Age Discrimination


By Eric B. Meyer I’ve written a bunch about the deep doo-doo in which employers often find themselves whenasking about retirement or referring to an employee as “old man” or “old mother******.” So, for sure, you’d think that 20 comments over the course of several months at work ranging from “old man” to…