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What Pokemon Go Taught Me About Talent Management

Pokemon Go

This past week, I joined the 7.5 million people who downloaded the Pokémon Go mobile game and began my journey to catch all 151 original Pokémon monsters. Pokémon Go has more downloads in its first week of existence than popular dating app Tinder has had in its entire four-year existence, and is expected…

The HR Bots Are Coming! Will You Be Ready?


The robot revolution has arrived. With major companies Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo all launching some version of a chatbot or virtual assistant in the coming months, the tide is quickly turning toward a more automated future. And as various companies connect these tools internally to their data collection systems, it is a…

Why We Need to Invest in Succession Planning for HR

Succession Planning road ahead

Let’s face it: HR is a service department. We serve people at all levels through everything we do. We are the ones who partner with business leaders to ensure the right people get hired, developed, paid and are motivated to perform. We make sure our practices are in compliance with labor laws and…

What Buffer Has to Teach Us About Engaging An All-Remote Workforce

Buffer virtual meeting

Editor’s note: The following article is part of the ongoing effort by the new, nonprofit OpenWork to inspire companies to continuously improve how, when, and where work is done for the mutual benefit of employees and employers. Note also that the article was authored prior to Buffer’s recent financial problems. While many companies…

Don’t Start Crunching Numbers Until You Know What Numbers to Crunch

Analytics reflection

I was helping a manager with the company’s analytics; the problem was framed as “falling engagement in front-line staff.” Now that is a good start because at this organization the link between the measure of employee engagement and customer satisfaction is well established, making this a business problem, not just an HR one….

Are You Ready to Handle Political Tensions In the Workplace?

Politics in the workplace

More than a quarter of HR professionals are already reporting an increase in workplace political volatility compared to previous election seasons, according to a recent Society for Human Resource Management poll. The same study found only 24% of organizations have written policies on how to handle political activities, though 72% say they discourage…