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4 Ways the Drug Screening Process Has Improved – For Employers AND Employees


onbRaise your hand if you remember having to give prospective employees a paper chain of custody form to conduct a drug test, locating the nearest collection center, hoping your candidate showed up to the right place in a reasonable amount of time and prayed the your drug testing lab didn’t lose the sample in…

Eliminating Talent Shortages: Maybe Poaching Competitors Is the Way to Go

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Second of two parts Yesterday, we dug into the topic of how to handle talent shortages in There’s No Talent Shortage if You Can Poach From Your Competitors. As the economy continues to improve, any current shortage at your firm will only get worse, at least until you upgrade your recruiting and employer…

To Usher in the Age of HR, We Need to Start By Tearing It Apart


By Ron Mester Editor’s Note: This is the last of 12 essays from the new book, The Rise of HR; Wisdom From 73 Thoughts Leaders. It’s compiled by Dave Ulrich, Bill Schiemann and Libby Sartain, and sponsored by the HR Certification Institute. We are at the dawn of the Age of Talent. But will this also be…

What Employers Really Want From Millennials


As the rate of technological adoption grows, the nature of work across all industries is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to predict. The results of this accelerating rate of change — including globalization, innovation and changes in economic cycles — have a sweeping impact on the nature of work, and managers are starting…

Management 101: The 3 Cardinal Rules of Reference Checks


I get calls on a regular basis to provide formal and informal references on people in my industry. First things first: Reference checks are not background checks. Reference checks are subjective. Reference checks are unreliable and invalid ways of measuring someone’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Reference checks are what you do when you…

SHRM Las Vegas Day 4: Dr. Oz and a Wellness Message Sends Everybody on Their Way


If you have ever attended a SHRM annual conference, you know that the final day is not only a short one that ends around noon, but that it is pretty lightly attended because so many attendees have already hit the road and headed home. So it was again this year at the 2015 Society…

There’s No Talent Shortage If You Can Poach From Your Competitors


First of two parts Recruiting is just like fishing. You may think that there is a shortage of fish when the real problem is where you fish and what bait you use! I simply have to laugh when I hear CEOs and executives complain about the talent or skill shortages that their companies face….

5 Ways Smart, Proactive Employers Can Prepare Now for the New OT Rules


By Eric B. Meyer Somewhere between the time that I took this selfie at the start of my FMLA/ADA session at the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, and a few minutes later when the laptop with my PPT lost power, the U.S. Department of Labor decided it was time to…

Yes, Knowledge is Power, But Data Is Not

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The “knowledge is power” idiom was originally attributed to Francis Bacon in the late 16th century. But like many time-honored theories and beliefs, the premise isn’t as simple as it appears; too much of something that is deemed “good” often ends up turning “bad.” We see this too often with excessive wealth and stardom. The concept also…