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4 Questions You Should Be Asking About Performance Management

Performance improvement plan PIP evaluation

With the recent news around Accenture and GE replacing their traditional performance review process with more frequent, timely feedback from multiple sources, it seemed Kismet when Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce, had his article, Creating an Effective Peer Review System,  published recently in the Harvard Business Review. Eric shares key elements to create, maintain and support…

Culture Needs Strategy. Strategy Needs Culture. What Does Amazon Need?


The media is scrutinizing Amazon, and for the usual media reasons — they are huge, successful, controversial and very, very different. They create a lot of jobs — nearly single-handedly redefining the Seattle I grew up in — and yet the jobs they create are as frightening to many outsiders as they are…


Redefining Recruiting, and Is It Really the “Point” of HR?


It’s like getting hit on via an online dating site, professionally speaking, of course. A recruiter digs your LinkedIn profile, he sends you a LinkedIn InMail, which is followed by LinkedIn connection request: Kevin, I have an exciting opportunity with a new technology provider. I think you’re possibly a good fit, so let…

The Most Important Thing: Don’t Just DO Work, Learn How to Deal With It

Overtime overwork

Busy is a choice. Through my work, I talk to many people (executives, mid-level managers, and individuals) at many different companies, and the one issue that seems epidemic is that people are all too busy. I’ve done webinars on Negotiating Your Workload, and Ruthless Priorities & Guilt to help people take more control over their time,…

How Do You Handle a Stifling, Micro-Managing Manager?


Have you ever worked for someone who couldn’t understand that you don’t need to have your hand held through each of your tasks? I have encountered this many times over. I get it as a parent can be with their child or a person with a spouse or boyfriend, because some leaders have…


Something to Remember During the Daily Grind: It’s OK to Just Do HR


If you’re highly active in HR and Talent Acquisition in the social space (read: blogs, websites, pod/video casts, webinars, conferences, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you might be caught up in this mindset that what you’re doing is not what you should be doing. You’re being told what you should be focusing on by idiots…


The Powerful Impact of Networking and Relationships on the Job


Summer is the season for company outings, like a company-wide trip to the amusement park or a community service event. These kind of outings are meant to create bonds with colleagues who usually don’t have the time or opportunity to meet or socialize. There are some who view these outings as an opportunity…

Are Your Employee Relations Going Down the Toliet?

Down the toilet

The HR lesson for this week is about a man who worked for a company for 15 plus years and may have let a little toilet paper get between him and his job. I am open to other points of view on his behavior since I am clear on how I would have…


A Question From Both Apple and Amazon: Does a Workplace Have To Be Perfect?

Perfect 10

By Howard Mavity  I recently blogged about the debate on CEO and employee pay ratios. I urged employers to seize the high ground and decide what their attitude is as to their “responsibility” to their employees. I’m a pragmatist. I believe that in the long run, employers will prosper (and avoid the need…