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In Real Life HR, an Employee Who Punches a Fellow Employee Gets Fired


The world of the NBA brings us the real live HR Game Show – What Would You Do? I know most of you could care less about professional basketball, and I promise, this post isn’t about basketball. In case you didn’t hear about it, last week All Star Blake Griffin of the Los…

Making HR a True Strategic Partner: It’s Not As Easy as Some Make It Seem


Nothing is easy today. When I lived in the U.S. (I currently work in Dubai), I would always marvel at late night TV commercials. My take was that whatever it is that ails you, just turn on late night TV and you would invariably find a product that could solve whatever it is…

Hiring Wisdom: Why Training Your People Can Really Pay Off


Training pays. Sometimes, it’s easy to underestimate just how much it pays. Consider an employee who is going to work 2,000 hours for you this year. It’s not unusual for an organization to spend only 10 or 20 hours training this person – which means about 1 percent of their annual workload. bestHow…

The Last Word: Why it’s Good to Learn from a Bad Boss

bad manager

Editor’s Note: As I wind down my stint as Editor of TLNT — yes, I’m going to be leaving soon — I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from over the years. Here’s one from our very first month in July 2010. Anyone who has spent much time managing knows this…

How to Get Your Company Succession Plan in Order (and Why It’s So Important)


HR professionals are expected to have solid succession plans and often believe they do when they do not. How often do we believe we created a quality plan because nobody understood or evaluated it well enough to challenge it? This is often the case with succession plans. How often is the plan so…

Appeals Court Adds a New Wrinkle to the Unpaid Intern Question


By John E. Thompson Readers will recall that last July, the New York-based Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals (with jurisdiction over Connecticut, New York, and Vermont) adopted a “primary benefit” framework for determining whether a for-profit entity’s unpaid intern is or is not an “employee” for purposes of the federal Fair Labor…

HR is Siloed and Too Inwardly Focused. Here’s What We Do About That


By David C. Forman In his new book, Fearless HR — Driving Business Results, David Forman asserts that HR must escape its past before seizing a future in which it becomes a primary driver of business results. Five specific historical perceptions of HR are examined in terms of the latest research and thought leadership….