Thought Diversity: A New Way to Hire, Manage and Reward

Diversity Thinking

When you think of effective workplace diversity, you probably think of people of different genders, races, and cultures putting their diverse backgrounds to good use. You may also think about legal requirements and ensuring compliance. These thoughts are correct, but there’s another way to think about diversity. There’s a growing trend when it comes to…

We Keep Talking About ‘Purpose’ at Work But Perhaps We’re Being Dishonest


It’s only Wednesday, and already I’ve had no less than 12 conversations this week discussing the importance of identifying candidates who “connect to purpose,” and how they are the best targets in recruiting. So long passive candidates, now it’s purpose-driven candidates. If you are like me, which is to say in this business for…

There’s No Quick and Easy Fix to Building a Successful Workforce

building up

I recently stumbled across a blog post titled, After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice. I knew that Google had initiated a longitudinal study called Project Oxygen in 2009 to identify key leadership competencies.  I knew that what they found was a validation of common sense – that…

How a Job Candidate’s Going to Fit Into Your Culture


A culture fit is that missing piece, the person who fills certain roles, thinks in certain ways, and whose skills and personality will complement, not duplicate, those of your existing team. That means that culture fit will look different for each position, or even for the same position at different points in time….

Are You and Your Workforce Just Too Busy to Scale?

grow scale

Chaos doesn’t scale. When I work with CEO’s and general managers they often tell me about their plans to scale the business. When I ask, “So how’s that going?” it often leads to a conversation about how they are doing business today, and the fact that “this won’t scale.” Me: So, why don’t you…

Want to Drive Culture Change? Try It With Leadership Development

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I recently ran across the third report in the Real Work Leadership series of reports from Korn Ferry. Create an Engaging Culture for Greater Impact looks at changing culture through the lens of leadership development. It’s an interesting take. The report is the analysis of a global survey of views on leadership development…

The Ugly Side of Transparency in the Workplace


Transparency rules in today’s workplace. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, performance management, every process of talent management is being uprooted because of this stubborn need for workplace transparency. Perhaps the need is warranted. Trust is a key factor in acquiring and retaining top talent and trust, in one way or another, is built from transparency,…

How Much Does Job Experience Really Matter, Anyway?


Editor’s Note: As I wind up my stint as Editor of TLNT — I’m leaving in two weeks! — I wanted to share a few of my favorite TLNT posts. Here’s one from October 2013.  I’ve hired and managed a lot of people, and I always considered the experience of the candidate when making hiring decisions. I…

Five Ways to Be a Great Workplace Leader – Regardless of Your Title


You may think of the “leaders” in your organization as the ones at the top of the org chart, but true leadership isn’t dependent on a title or a reporting structure. It’s in how you treat and inspire the people around you. Whether you’re a veteran CEO or just have a few years…