How to Keep Your Company From Becoming a TSA Disaster

airport lines

Editor’s note: Flying somewhere for the long weekend? After reading this article, you may want to consider taking the train. While many of us are looking forward to traveling this Memorial Day Weekend, no one is looking forward to waiting in those long security lines at the airport. But you’re not the only…

What Piloting a Pig Roast Party Can Teach Leaders

flying pigs

One of the lessons I learned early in my career was the value of piloting ideas and new processes. Just saying the words “Let’s try a pilot” seemed to open minds to new ideas and provide reassurance that complex plans could be executed more effectively. Following a Christmas trip to Ecuador, my son…

How Managers Can Get Better Results by Asking Better Questions

manager feedback

A manager’s ability to bring out the best in their direct reports is hugely affected by whether they engage them in conversations about what they, the manager, can do to help their direct report perform at their best. The usefulness of these conversations depends, in large part, upon the quality of questions the…

When All’s Not Quiet On the Office Front, Everyone Suffers

Open office plans, noise

Noise in the workplace annoys us – a lot. Surveys show that we care more about interior acoustics than we do about how clean our workplaces are, what we sit on, or the temperature of our offices. This sucks because the world is getting louder. Much louder. And our workplaces are not immune….