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Steve Browne, SPHR, is the Executive Director of Human Resources for LaRosa's, Inc., a regional pizzeria restaurant chain in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with 18 locations and over 1,400 team members. Steve has been an HR professional for more than 20 years in the manufacturing, consumer products, and professional services industries. He also facilitates a monthly HR Roundtable in Cincinnati and runs an Internet message board for HR pros that reaches 5,700 people weekly. Contact him at

HR Roundtable: Leveraging Training For Company Success

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The April HR Roundtable in Cincinnati discussed an area of HR that is unfortunately often relegated to the sidelines in organizations even though it’s an essential facet of company’s being successful – training. Training is usually the first area to get cut when organizations are facing tough economic circumstances and yet everyone bemoans…

HR Roundtable: The Challenge in Tackling What Diversity Really Is


The topic for the March HR Roundtable in Cincinnati generated some buzz even before it convened. There were people who chose not to attend because they didn’t feel that the topic needed to be discussed anymore because “everyone understands and gets” diversity. That really isn’t the case, but that was their perspective.

HR Roundtable: The Challenges in Building a “People First” Culture

HR round tableHR round table

The February HR Roundtable in Cincinnati gathered to discuss whether it truly was possible for a company to have a “People First” culture. There are tons of mission statements and vision statements that say that people come first in an organization, but it is rarely practiced. The traditional three questions to get the small groups…

HR Roundtable: Effective Networking? It’s About More Than Getting a Job


It’s hard to believe that we’re into another year, but time waits for no one! To kick off 2015, the HR Roundtable in Cincinnati gathered to discuss “Effective Networking.” People state that “networking” is a critical skill, but so few people do it well. To get the discussion started the attendees addressed the…

HR Roundtable: Is It Actually Possible to Differentiate HR?


One of the biggest struggles human resources has in organizations is that it tends to blend in with everyone else and doesn’t take steps to differentiate itself. The November HR Roundtable in Cincinnati got together to talk about this and see if differentiating HR would be possible. They kicked off the forum with…

HR Roundtable: How to Handle and Cope With Workplace Behavior

HR round tableHR round table

The October HR Roundtable in Cincinnati gathered to discuss a factor of the workplace which is too often overlooked. What is that factor? Behavior. The reality of HR is that we are constantly surrounded by, and have to work with and/or address, the behavior of others. The Roundtable wanted to delve into this…

HR Roundtable: How Do You Develop Creativity in HR?


There was a definite buzz for the September HR Roundtable in Cincinnati because the topic was a bit out of the “norm.” Everyone was gathering to discuss “Creativity in HR.” HR isn’t typically viewed as being creative, so it was interesting to take a step outside the boundaries of traditional thought to see…