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Scott is The Fordyce Letter's Marketing Director. Handling all communications to the recruiting community about our products and services, you have most likely heard from Scott at one point or another. Drop him a line or meet up with him at one of our upcoming events.


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Today is a special day – the unique date of 1.11.11 only comes around every 100 years. (although, ten months from now we will have the even cooler 11.11.11) But for us, it is special for another reason… Today ONLY, we are offering a special 11% discount off the current SourceCon NYC registration…

Happy 1/11/11 from

If you are a lover of the #1, today’s unique date only comes around every 100 years (although, 10 months from now we will have the even better 11/11/11). So to commemorate 1/11/11, we are offering an 11% discount off of all ERE products & conferences — today only. If you are planning to…

Sneak Peek at the Week Ahead

It has been some time since I have done one of these posts, but a lot has been going on around the world: On July 13, ERE community members will be coming together across the globe to attend a series of local meetups. These meetups will be locally run and organized by…