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Raj Sheth is the co-founder of Recruiterbox, an online recruitment software and applicant tracking system designed especially for growing companies. Prior to Recruiterbox, he founded two other web startups -- a classifieds portal and an ecommerce site. He is a graduate of Babson College and spent the first three years of his career as a financial analyst with EMC Corporation in Boston. Visit his website at recruiterbox.com.

HR Really Does Hold the Key to Your Company’s Financial Success


HR is in a strange place when it comes to business. It’s responsible for hiring the people who in turn build the company into what it is, but sometimes others don’t see it as “real work.” In fact, many companies are forgoing HR departments entirely, allocating these responsibilities to other departments and/or outsourcing…

Recruiting Transparency Can Be Scary, But It Might Be Just What You Need


We’re all on this “transparency” bandwagon in our hiring practices. We make sure to be ultra transparent about everything — except the real challenges that we’re currently facing. See why transparency is in quotes up there now? Recruiters, although not intentionally trained to sell, end up being quite the pitchmen when it comes…

The Candidate Experience: It Can Make or Break Your Employer Brand

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A positive candidate experience can do wonders for an employer brand. On the other hand, a negative experience can really do some damage. In a MysteryApplicant.com survey, 46 percent of candidates rate their experience poor or very poor, and 64 percent share their experience with a company via social media. People are sharing…

Who Has Time to Build an Employer Brand?

Who Has Time to Build an Employer Brand?

Odds are, you read the title and just said, “not me!” So we’re left with the question, “Is it worth your time to build an employment brand?” Absolutely. I get it. There aren’t enough hours in the day, and this isn’t exactly a “today’s to-do list” type of endeavor. But building an employer brand is only as…