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Raghav Singh has developed and launched multiple software products and held leadership positions at several major recruiting technology vendors. His career has included work as a consultant on enterprise HR systems and as a recruiting and HRIT leader at several Fortune 500 companies. He is currently VP of product management at 1-Page.

It’s Time to Start Recruiting, and Managing, Generation Z

Generation Z

The Millennials are so yesterday. Now it’s time to start thinking about recruiting Generation Z — defined as those born between the mid 1990s and 2010 and now representing over a quarter of the U.S. population. (What comes next? Generation “AA”?) Call them the mature Millennials. They grew up in a world defined…

It Will Take a Cultural Change to Really Deal With America’s Aging Workforce

older worker

The American labor force is getting older and will get smaller. Already, one in three American workers is over the age of 50. By 2019, every Baby Boomer — 44 percent of the labor force — will be 55 or older. Growth of the labor force is also slowing. Over the next 10 years…