Obi Ogbanufe

About the Author

Obi Ogbanufe is a speaker, trainer, and founder of Indigomark LLC, a technology consulting firm in Dallas, Texas, with fifteen years of hands-on IT experience. She is also the author of ?Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter ? A Technical Skills Primer.? You can reach her at

The Art of Performing Technical Screening

woman on phone by George Reyes

Kerri, a senior technical recruiter with eleven years’ experience, has noticed that slowly but surely the requirements for the regular .NET developer and database developer positions are requiring more and different skills than she has been used to. She is finding that she does need to learn about these new tools but knows…

The Art of Performing Technical Screening

Technical screening is testing candidates in order to identify those with particular characteristics listed in a job description. This can be done in order to avoid the unnecessary cycles of presenting several candidates for interview who are rejected either because the job description was misunderstood or the candidate screening process was ineffective, or…