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Maureen Sharib is a phone sourcer who’s been doing a good deal of work in healthcare in the last couple of years. She owns the phone sourcing firm, Inc. that helps companies find and telephone contact candidates for their hard-to-place positions at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting venues. You can contact her at Maureen at or call her at (513) 646-7306.

Recruiting’s Top Secret Asset: Phone Sourcing

Female phone sourcer secret agent

Phone sourcing can not only bring you new business, but it also brings competitive intelligence that is often of keen interest to your customers! Intelligence is at the heart of what telephone sourcers do. Intelligence is the secret information that organizations require to keep them safe and prosperous. Phone sourcers gather, utilize and…

Quick Tips to Effectively Engage Candidates on the Phone by @MaureenSharib


Her attention span has plummeted from 12 seconds (in 2000) to eight today. Your message is competing with countless others in a broad dizzying medium spectrum of information overload revolving around her and although she is increasingly sophisticated in her purchasing tastes she still holds on to a surprisingly infantile desire for instant…

If Your Talent Acquisition Department Doesn’t Have One of These, Maybe It Should

group meeting

“… my awesome company/team is looking for a ninja recruiting coordinator … if you all know anyone please send them my way…” That was posted in an online sourcing group I’m in. Recruiting coordinator — maybe for those departments which lack it, that’s what we’re missing today in the sourcing field. Maybe we need sourcing coordinators instead…

Don’t Forget to Practice Shooting With the Weaker Hand by @MaureenSharib


My gunslinger husband is teaching my soon-to-be/fast-approaching gunslinger status brother to shoot. On a recent practice someone in the group asked why they needed to practice “weak hand” shooting. Because it can save your life, Bob repeated to my brother Tom. Misunderstanding the motivation in the overheard conversation I asked why they didn’t…

How to Find a Person Who Isn’t Listed In the Directory by @MaureenSharib


  One of the interesting things about healthcare is that the greater majority of healthcare workers don’t have a digital footprint that allows recruiters to identify them in the healthcare roles they work in. In other words, they’re not sailing on what Andy Headworth recently called “the supertanker.”   In fact, in that…