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Linda Robertson is an experienced financial planner with, the nation’s leading provider of unbiased financial education programs to corporations, credit unions and municipalities with over 400 clients across the country. Her focus is on retirement and tax planning, and her background includes positions with NationsBank, H & R Block, and Metropolitan Life. Contact her at .

Learning From Idol: The Most Effective (and Brutal) Interview I Ever Went Through


Editor’s Note: Sometimes, readers ask about past TLNT articles they may have missed. That’s why on Fridays we republish a Classic TLNT post some of you have asked about. The other day, after a series of workshops on retiree health care for one of our clients, I decided I needed to unwind. It…

Hey, What’s That Number in Box 12 on My W-2 Form?


Have you had any of your employees question you about the DD in box 12 of their W-2? No, it’s not a battery style or bra size but a new requirement for W-2 reporting as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Effective with 2012 W-2 forms, employers with more than 250 employees…

Sharing the 7 Habits of Confident Retirees With Your Workforce

Focus on and take control of your retirement

From the thousands and thousands of pre-retirees I’ve talked to over the past decade, two consistant comments I hear over and over again are “I wish I’d started saving earlier” and “I wish I’d saved more along the way.” Since I’ve yet to have an employee tell me they’ve saved too much for…

Don’t Let Your Workers Fall Off Their Own Fiscal Cliff This January


Now that Congress has mostly averted falling off the fiscal cliff by penning The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, some employees may have a false sense of confidence that the Act only will impact the wealthy. The message we are hearing is that the middle class has been spared from a tax…

Two Possible Year End Tax Tips to Share With Your Employees

Getting ready to work on my taxes again

Talk of the fiscal cliff is everywhere these days, so many of your employees may be concerned right now about what will happen to their tax rates. While no one knows what Congress will ultimately decide regarding next year’s income tax rates, there is one cold, hard fact that isn’t getting much press…

Are You Helping Your Employees Prep For Potential Tax Law Changes?

gI_105774_changes ahead

With so many upcoming tax law changes, many of which are still up in the air, employees may be starting to feel the financial stress of worrying how these changes will impact them. Now is a great time to start planning for a year-end tax education workshop for your workforce to help prepare…

IRS Announces What Employees May Contribute to Retirement in 2013

Free agency age groups

The IRS has perfectly timed the announcement of the 2013 pension limitations during National Save 4 Retirement Week, which ends this Saturday. Notice IR-2012-77 declares the cost-of-living (COLA) adjustments that will impact the dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement accounts for tax year 2013 for both employer and employee contributions. It…

How Much Should Employees Have Saved Up For Retirement So Far?

© Jakub Krechowicz -© Jakub Krechowicz -

I’ve just come off of a three-week road trip, where I zig-zagged across the western half of the U.S., speaking to a variety of workforces on planning for retirement. One common question I heard again and again from many of the mid-career employees was “how much should I have saved up so far?”…

It’s That Time Again: Are You Ready For Open Enrollment?


The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer – our group health insurance is going up over 14 percent. So, as part of my role on our benefits committee, I reviewed several different health carriers to see if there were any more affordable options. Luckily for us, there was one. However, this…