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Linda Brenner is managing director of Designs on Talent, a consulting firm based in Atlanta which helps organizations improve talent acquisition and talent management results. The firm has a unique approach to recruitment process improvement and recruiter assessment and development. Prior to consulting, she held talent acquisition and talent management leadership roles for Gap, Pepsi, and The Home Depot. For the last eight years as founder, owner, and managing director of the firm, she has worked with clients including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, The Home Depot, Turner Broadcasting, Chick-fil-A, Toys R Us, Scripps Networks, Dell, Linkedin, and TJX. Her no-nonsense, high quality, deliver-the-goods approach is reflected throughout her team of 14 talented professionals. Linda holds a master's degree in industrial relations from University of Cincinnati's School of Economics and lives in midtown Atlanta with her husband and two sons. You can check out Designs on Talent at

An ROI Roadmap for Talent Acquisition Leaders


Recruiting leaders are constantly asked to justify additional investments in their team, tools, and technology. At the same time, they face increasing demands from hiring managers to handle their requisitions quicker and better than other openings in the organization — regardless of their relative importance to the goals of the business. In a…

Dear HR Professionals: Not All Employees Are Equal


In the last two years, McKinsey, Corporate Executive Board, PwC and others have concluded that HR still has “far to go” until it reaches the status of a true business enabler. While the tone of these studies might be different and the “pile on” mentality seems new, what’s not new are many of…

3 Lessons from the Olympics Security Debacle for Talent Acquisition Or . . . How Not to Embarrass Your Nation

3 Lessons from the Olympics Security Debacle for Talent Acquisition Or . . . How Not to Embarrass Your Nation

As you may have heard, the company contracted to provide security guards to the London Olympics announced a scant three weeks before the event that — [psych! sorry!] — it was going to be (by some accounts) 7,000 guards short. This apparently caught nearly everyone, including the CEO of G4S (the largest security company in the world —…

3 Great Questions to Ask Your HR Business Partner Candidates

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One of the most common questions I am asked is: “Do you know anyone who’d be great for our open HR Business Partner role?” And it’s no surprise. As more and more companies “transform” their HR function, the need for a specific-type of HR generalist has become more acute. And the aggressive networking…

8-Track, Anyone?

8-Track, Anyone?

Remember 8-Tracks? Better yet, remember record albums? Think back, if you can, at how the music industry has evolved: albums, reel-to-reels, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs. It wasn’t really until the advent of digital music that you could finally and clearly see the music industry’s stripes. How did they react to this newest, latest technology?…