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Laurie Ruettimann (LFR) is a former Human Resources leader turned influential speaker, writer and strategist. She owns a human resources consultancy that offers a wide array of HR services to human resources leaders and executives. Check out her LinkedIn profile here. You may know Ruettimann as the creator of The Cynical Girl and Punk Rock HR (retired), which Forbes named as a top 100 website for women. You may have also read her book, I AM HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR. (RepCap Press, 2014.) 

Why Does It Take Forever to Fill a Job Requisition?

Now Hiring

One of the most important facts you need to embrace in 2016 is that it will take you forever to fill a requisition. There are a ton of reasons. No matter what anybody tells you, the economy is healthy. It is better for the rich than for the poor. It is better for whites…

Cuba May Be Opening, But There are Big Challenges Building a Business There


Cuba is awe-inspiring and timeless. I traveled to Havana over Thanksgiving with a team of HR and recruiting executives. Our goal was to learn more about the economic climate of a country that’s been closed to American citizens and businesses for over 50 years. First, a little history. When you step off the airplane…

Yes, It’s Performance Review Season. Here’s How to Handle That

performance review

It’s performance review season. Many of you in Corporate America are about to receive an annual overview of your behaviors and outputs. Then you’ll hear about your raise. Some of you will be happy. More than a few of you will question the subjective nature of this process and ask questions about how…

Insights From Cuba: HR Isn’t Easy Anywhere

Cuba traveling in Cuba global

Editor’s Note: TLNT contributor Laurie Ruettimann recently took part in an HR delegation that traveled to Cuba on a cultural exchange. This is her report. In Cuba, it is your right and your duty to work. There is a labor code that protects workers from social injustice and abuse; however, there are 11 million citizens…

I Can’t Stand It When Snotty Recruiters Refer to Candidates as “Crapplicants”

Thumbs down

Just last week, I heard several mature and qualified recruiters use the word crapplicant at a technology conference. (Jerks!) Crapplicant is an offensive term used by recruiters to describe applicants and candidates who suck. You know the stereotype: The old dude who sends his resume to your database for every job on your…

I Can Do Without Yoga as HR’s Latest Mandatory Team Building Activity


Something is in the water. Yoga is the new HR team-building activity. I say this because I’ve been to several human resources meetings, this year, and leaders are forcing their colleagues and direct reports to wake up early and do yoga. And I use the word “forcing” because attendance is mandatory. You wake…

Open Offices Really Suck — But Your HR Department Already Knows This

Open Office

About a year ago, a former HR colleague called me in a panic. She was asked to help design a new office layout. Nobody would have offices or cubicle walls, not even the CEO. “We’re going to lose people,” she told me. I just checked in with her, and she did lose people…

How to Write a Great Performance Improvement Plan

Performance improvement plan PIP evaluation

There was a time in my life when I worked in HR and people asked me to write performance improvement plans for a living. I would be like — Is it 1963? Am I your secretary? And do I look like I know anything about your jacked up employee? But, more importantly, I…

Management 101: The 3 Cardinal Rules of Reference Checks


I get calls on a regular basis to provide formal and informal references on people in my industry. First things first: Reference checks are not background checks. Reference checks are subjective. Reference checks are unreliable and invalid ways of measuring someone’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Reference checks are what you do when you…