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Kevin Wheeler, the President and Founder of Global Learning Resources, Inc. , is a globally-known speaker, author, columnist, and consultant in human capital acquisition and development. Contact him at .

The 8 Things That Make Talent Leaders Successful

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Editor’s Note: Readers sometimes ask about past TLNT articles. That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday. What makes a person an outstanding talent leader? Is it the ability to set a vision, develop a strategy, or manage a budget? Or is it something much less visible and subtler? Leadership is not…

Never Look a Candidate in the Eye

How much recruiting can be done virtually rather than face-to-face? Video interviewing, online simulations, talent communities, and the use of tools such as Twitter or Snapchat are heatedly debated for their value versus a face-to-face encounter. Is one way better than another? What’s the real story? Can a recruiter effectively recruit top-quality people…

Three Cool Products — Clear Company, Findly, and Wanted — Found at the HR Technology Conference, Las Vegas

Even though more than two weeks have passed since the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas ended, it seems that the positive vibes from the event continue. As a futurist, whenever I attend I focus my attention on the technologies that are emerging rather than the mainstream ones that most HR professionals have…