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Kevin W. Grossman has held multiple leadership positions in the human resource and recruiting marketplace, B2B and consumer technology marketplace and higher education for the past 25 years. He's a marketing strategist, HR industry evangelist, online community developer, entrepreneur, analyst, advisor, manager, philanthropist and writer. He is currently the Director of Content Development for Peoplefluent, the leading provider of talent management solutions designed to support the entire workforce. Contact him at .

Disruptive Technology? Who Cares as Long as We’re Still Hiring?

This page is part of the Kensington partnership I mentioned above.This page is part of the Kensington partnership I mentioned above.

The shift in public safety best practice was dramatic. Prior to early 1983, the Visalia, California police and fire dispatchers managed a manual process consisting of writing addresses on slips of paper when taking 911 calls. Plus, tracking police officers whereabouts manually via radio communication was tedious work. My mother, the dispatch supervisor…

Color by Numbers: Just Do the Math to Find Picture Perfect People

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Without doing the math and coloring them in, you can still tell what most of them are. But that’s no fun when you’re six, just learning addition and loving to color pictures like my oldest daughter does. Adding the numbers together in each piece of the picture “puzzle” and then following the corresponding…

Does the Workplace Relationship Still Work in Today’s Go-Go-Go Culture?

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I remember the fear of actually finishing something. Then the fear of executing that something. And then the fear of never quite being good enough. And then the fear of being crushed under the weight of overly critical judgments again and again. And then again, I remember the pleasure of being pushed to…

Here’s How We Cope When Our Workplace Culture Is On Fire

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“The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don’t need no water let the m-f burn.” – The Bloodhound Gang At least, that’s the melodic hip-hop mantra many of us have wanted to repetitively belt out at some point in our world of work lives (with an unapologetic emphasis on the…

Here’s What Happens When Candidates Go From Passive to Active


Yes, you do it, too. Don’t deny it. When you’re gainfully employed, happily or not so, and you actually make the time to update your LinkedIn profile, for whatever reason, you uncheck the box in your account settings that reads: Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies.

The Complicated Dynamics Behind Workplace Bullying

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I just didn’t want to go anymore. She made it nearly unbearable. It didn’t start off that way, though. When we first started working together as colleagues in the same department, our relationship was amicable and tolerant. We because fast friends and got to know each other very well, including our spouses, lives…