Justin Miller

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Justin is currently the marketing manager for Motion Recruitment Partners. Feel free to follow him on Twitter and join the conversation @TweetsByJmiller (thoughts do not reflect those of his company).

The Structure of Your Job Ad Plays a Bigger Role Than You Think

As a marketing person for a somewhat large (200 recruiters nationally) staffing firm, one of my biggest difficulties has always been ensuring consistency across the board. When it comes to things like brand standards, policies, messaging, etc., it can be difficult to police all of it so that the company image looks unified…

5 Things My Vacation Can Teach You About the Candidate Experience

I recently took a cruise on Royal Caribbean with my girlfriend. It got me thinking about the services we provide as HR and agency recruiters. Some of these may not be a total surprise to you, but realize just how effective these five points can be if you truly invest time and energy…