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4 Things to Know About Employee Happiness (and Why It’s Important)


It’s only natural to believe that employee happiness is contingent on success, but this belief is actually backwards. It’s not that success makes employees happy, but rather that happiness makes employees more successful. According to a recent study by the University of Warwick and the Institute for the Study of Labor, happier employees…

4 Things You Need to Know About Global Candidate Sourcing

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Finding the best talent for your organization isn’t always easy, and in today’s job market, it can be downright difficult. According to Bullhorn recruiting firm’s 2015 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, 75 percent of the 1,285 agency recruiting professionals surveyed reported a “skills shortage” in the industries they recruit in. In…

How to Tell if Your Employer Brand and Talent Brand Are One and the Same

Up until now, employer branding referred to a company’s positioning and messaging as the employer of choice to a desired audience. Social media, however, has since changed the face of employer branding. Instead of being a one-way message for positioning your company as a great place to work, it’s now a marketplace of…

6 Problems with Job Interviews Today (And How to Fix Them)

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What’s wrong with job interviews today? Too much. In fact, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey of more than 6,000 global hiring managers, more than half of employers in each of the ten largest world economies have felt the effects of a bad hire. With that many people having had bad hires, something…

How to Showcase Your Company Brand in a Video Interview

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Fast-growing, successful businesses realize the importance of a positive brand image. It acts as a first impression to consumers, key stakeholders and more importantly, potential employees. In fact, a recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 91 percent of candidates believe employment brand plays a key role in their decision whether or not to…

Is It Finally Time to Ditch the Phone Interview?

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In the 1870s, we were first able to transmit speech electronically, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray. Over the years, phone technology evolved from candlestick to rotary-dial, eventually becoming cordless, and now, completely mobile. Before then, we relied on hand-delivered messages and in-person communication, much like companies do in the hiring process…

Letting Go of Passive Candidates: It Might Help Jump the Skills Gap


There are two words with the power to make most employers and recruiters shiver: skills gap. The skills gap continues to plague employers, even as unemployment remains high and more candidates flood into the job market. An article by Dr. John Sullivan on cited the number of resumes per corporate job listing…