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Joseph Fung is co-founder and CEO of TribeHR, pioneer of the industry’s first social HR platform and headquartered in Boston and Waterloo, Ontario. Connect with him at

The Quick Guide to Being a Great Hiring Manager

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Let’s face it — most of the hiring at the average company isn’t lead by HR. Sure, HR has an important hand in the pot, but ultimately it’s the hiring manager who does the bulk of the legwork. This is why hiring managers are more important than the CEO, and is why it’s…

5 Reasons Hiring Managers are More Important Than The CEO

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Hiring managers, temporary and transient though they may be, are the single most important employees in your company. So, who is a hiring manager? Hiring managers are an unusual class of employees. Unlike most other responsibilities in a company, they’re not hiring because of their seniority or their HR and recruiting expertise —…

Managing the 4 Types of Absences You’ll Encounter on July 4th Weekend

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With the Fourth of July and other summer long weekends right around the corner, businesses the world over are expecting an increasing number of employee absences, as employees stretch 2- or 3-day weekends into 4- or 5-day breaks. But since not every absence comes about in the same way, your response to each…

Does the Government’s Tracking Program Put Your HR Data at Risk?


The news media and Internet have been sizzling ever since last week’s revelation by The Guardian and The Washington Post that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been tracking data from many U.S. phone calls as well as much of the world’s Internet traffic. Amid retractions, corrections, denials, international concern, non-comments, and…

The 4 Kinds of Candidates You Shouldn’t Hire This Summer


The summer season is fast approaching, when the pool of great talent gets even deeper. As employers rely on summer hires more than ever, over the next few months recruiters and other hiring professionals face mounting pressure to enlist the best new workers for their teams. There’s an endless amount of recruiting tools…

Is Office Radio Music to HR’s Ears?

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Open office layouts, like them or not, are here to stay. While there are many benefits to having a shared collaborative environment (frequent communication, more effective use of space, etc.), it’s not all sunshine and roses. For all their faults, walls, doors and cubicles are excellent sound barriers. They cut out distractions and…

Exercising Your Workplace Culture: Does Fitness Have a Place?

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What does wading through mud pits or running a grueling half-marathon sound like to you? If you’re like a growing number of companies, the answer is “team bonding.” Fitness events like mud runs, bike trips, and other sporting challenges are increasingly common in businesses of all sizes, as companies work to increase employee…

Should Businesses Change to Better Accommodate Millennials?


Generation Y (also known as Millennials) can seem like a bit of an enigma. They were still tweens when American Idol first aired, they cringed (and secretly cheered) when Justin Bieber found fame using YouTube, and they grew up alongside Mark Zuckerberg as he went from baby-faced student to billionaire. Gen Y grew…

Out-of-Office Messages: Self Manage, Micromanage, or Just Leave it to HR?


Every week in even the smallest organizations, countless automated messages are being sent to your employees, your partners, your customers, your sales prospects, and your job candidates. In most cases, marketing hasn’t designed them, legal hasn’t vetted them, and IT wants nothing to do with them. I want to focus on this forgotten…