John Zappe and Todd Raphael

About the Author

John Zappe writes for ERE, and consults with digital content operations, focusing on the advertising side. Todd Raphael works on ERE's website, conferences, awards, community, and more.

You’re Right, They Are Faking It. Now Go SaaS Them

There’s a better-than-even chance you don’t know what the cloud is. Fluffy white things in the sky is not correct. And the bad news is that if you polled the audience, that’s about what you would have heard. Seems a majority of Americans think “the cloud” has something to do with weather, and…

Take This Smog and Shove It (Or Ignore It and Sell the Weather)

Where’s it easier to get candidates to move to, and where’s it harder? That’s a question the search firm Heidrick & Struggles asked 50 of its U.S. search consultants. The least “recruitable” cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Detroit (we’d have posted the results sooner, but we were stuck in LA traffic). The…