John Sumser

About the Author

John Sumser is the founder and editor of the recently launched HRExaminer. A well-known industry analyst, Sumser is also the CEO of Two Color Hat, a media and HR marketing consultancy.

Five Recruiting Scenarios 4: The Future Matters

Recruiting and HR will not evolve independently of global events and pressures. Geopolitical issues, energy, global warming, rapid industrialization, demographics, immigration, and the constant invention of new jobs and disciplines will always drive the day-to-day realities of recruiting and HR. A key driver of the evolution of recruiting and HR is the amount…

Five Scenarios 2: Trends

Precise forecasts are always wrong. The old line, often attributed to Eisenhower, is “The plan is nothing, the plan is everything.” That means that the plan will always fail in the field. But, the planning process is the only way to come close to guaranteeing preparedness. Planning is essential. Believing the plan is…