Jim Wexler

About the Author

As president of Experiences Unlimited in New York, Jim Wexler develops digital marketing strategies and campaigns to improve talent performance, helping top companies create gamification experiences to deepen engagement, build relationships, and change behavior. Known as the original pioneer of games as a media platform, he has developed branded games that have earned over 8 million plays, including first-ever game-based campaigns for General Mills, Coca-Cola, The GAP, AXA Equitable, and Johnson & Johnson.

The Boss Fight, 2013 Style

In videogaming, a Boss Fight is a challenge at the end of a stage or level. A generation of game players has grown up fighting a boss enemy often far stronger and larger in size than them.   Now, economic conditions point to a real Boss Fight looming for so-called Gen Y or Millennials ages 22…

What Trends in Film-going Tell Us About Employer Branding

Hollywood’s summer season is in full swing, and a Monday morning review at our company of the weekend’s box office led to an impromptu employee survey about appreciation of movies beyond the multiplex. The interest level in old films is nonexistent among our 20-something graphic designers and account managers. None of them have…