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Jim Roddy is the president of Jameson Publishing and author of the book “Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer,” which features hiring lessons, interview best practices, and recruiting strategies for managers through the perspective of a cancer-surviving executive. For more information on the book, go to http://www.HireLikeYouJustBeatCancer.com.

Before Hiring, Clean Up Your Culture

PNC park - Pirates baseball

I know football is America’s most popular sport, but I’ve got baseball on my brain because the Major League playoffs are here. One of the most important positions in the batting order is the “cleanup hitter,” who bats fourth in the lineup and is expected to “clean up” the bases by driving in runners. There’s…

4 Hiring Lessons From Business Guru Michael Gerber


When I was afforded the opportunity to talk one-on-one with renowned business author Michael Gerber, I cleared my schedule. And of course I asked him about hiring. Gerber is the author of the best-selling E-Myth series along with Awakening The Entrepreneur Within and The Most Successful Small Business In The World. In 2010,…

Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Hire People Who Smoke


I’m going to tick off nearly every smoker who visits this website — and delight most every non-smoker — by detailing why it’s a good rule of thumb to not hire smokers. A Rule of Thumb is a principle whose broad application is not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable in every…

Hire for Bench Strength or Brace for Failure

Hire for Bench Strength or Brace for Failure

Baseball spring training is here, so it’s a perfect time for us to talk about the importance of an organization’s bench strength. When you think about all-time greatest baseball players, near the top of the list are legends Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, Ernie Banks, Rod Carew, Tony Gwynn, and Harmon Killebrew. Guess how…