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Jennifer Vecchi is the Manager of Individual Incentives and Recognition Programs at Atlas Travel in Milford, MA, where she is responsible for supporting her client’s recognition programs and sales contests.

Turning a Micromanagement Problem Into Coaching Success

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You’ve no doubt have heard the term “micromanage” before. Most likely it conjures up negative connotations. It’s no surprise that research has shown that micromanagers can destroy strategies, eliminate creative thinking, and turn employees into mindless “yes men” rather than valuable contributors. We all know that relinquishing control can be tough, especially if…

Choosing the Right Incentives For Your Corporate Culture

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The air is getting cooler and storefronts are beginning to display Thanksgiving and Christmas decor … which means another year is almost over. The time has come to reflect on what worked for your company in 2012, and more importantly, what did not. By now, organizations are scouring their sales figures and analyzing their…

Employee Incentives: Consistency & Constant Communication Is Crucial

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With all of the political messages being broadcast in the media during this presidential election season, it’s easy to see why delivering a clear and constant message is vitally important to proving your business case. More importantly, it’s a great demonstration of how not having a clear and constant message can work against…

Rewarding the Process, Not Just the Results: 5 Overlooked Opportunities

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When I first wrote about The People-First Approach: Rewarding the Process Rather Than the Results a month ago, it created a stir among some HR professionals and business leaders. The implication was that I was only advocating incentives that rewarded the sales process, and by doing so, disagreed with the idea of rewarding the end…

The People-First Approach: Rewarding the Process Rather Than the Results

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It’s a typical scenario in business and in the world in general. You set a goal for something, such as a sales goal, and then you establish attractive rewards for reaching that goal. Then, when someone attains that goal, you reward them as a way of saying thank you for the hard work….

Changing It Up: The Benefits of Playing Games With Your Rewards Program

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It’s still early in the new year, and that means it’s time to look back and decide what has and hasn’t been working at your company. One of the things that you might consider looking at is your rewards and incentives program. How did it fare last year? Did employees participate? What awards…