Jeff Battinus

About the Author

Jeff Battinus is a seasoned healthcare recruiter, holding nearly a decade of experience in nearly all facets of the healthcare recruitment. He has worked in the staffing industry, home infusion services, hospital, non-profit, biopharmaceuticals, and oncology services. He also works with the Coast Guard Auxiliary serving on its national staff in charge of recruitment for the International Affairs/Interpreter Corps and holds the office of National Branch Chief.

Don’t Call Me Candidate! I Am Your Client

Being a recruiter, I am constantly engaging candidates: passive, active, willing, unwilling, able and unable, viable and non-viable. These “candidates” for various positions are as varied in their personalities as they are in their professional backgrounds. Working in healthcare, something I learned early in my career was that if at the end of…

Contact Every Candidate

Every person, every candidate, and every applicant has value. I have yet to meet a single person in my career who does not have within them an intrinsic value or skill that offers benefits. Although the majority of candidates may not be the right fit for a role for a multitude of reasons,…