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Janine N. Truitt is a human resources professional as well as an HR blogger/founder of “The Aristocracy of HR” blog. Follow her blog "The Aristocracy of HR" at http://hr.toolbox.com/blogs/aristocracy-hr/ . Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her tweets on Twitter @CzarinaofHR. The opinions shared in her articles are her own and are in no way a reflection of the views of her employer.

Letting Go: 3 Functions HR May Want To Get Somebody Else to Do

HR department

These days you can’t evade commentary on what HR should be doing and assuming responsibility for. The list is endless and maybe even unreasonable. How organizations structure their HR departments differs based on an innumerable amount of variables. For starters, complexity of the organization, functional clarity and employee head count are some of…

5 Things You Should Consider Before Befriending Your Boss


It’s a fabulous thing when the stars align and you gain a great boss in taking a new job. What makes them “great?” Perhaps, they have a great personality. They aren’t the usual stuffy leader. Friendly, or too friendly? Maybe, it’s because they are concerned with your well-being. They ask about the family and…

Knowledge Poaching Leaders Simply Drive Their Best Workers Away


Two years ago, I wrote an article about things I needed CHRO’s to know about what the organization needs from them. I wanted them to know what kind of leaders their employees deserve. I find myself wanting to have this discussion again after yet another anecdote about an ill-equipped Chief HR Officer. I…

Are You Pushing the Limits on Your Labor and Your Workforce?

Returning employee back to work

One of the first things I learned in Industrial Psychology was the breakdown and distribution of labor. I learned what it meant to have a full-time equivalent (FTE), part-time, temporary and per diem/on-call staff. Each of these components serves a different and essential purpose to your workforce planning.  In fact, you cannot actually…

Yes, Most of Your Employees Don’t Want to Put Up With Office Politics


I have just recently gotten into House of Cards. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I do, but I am. As I have shared with my friends, it is filthy goodness. I’m on Season 2 and if I’m honest, each new episode ignites a greater disdain within…

Here’s Why I Have Big Trust Issues With HR

build trust

You all know I love me some HR. I believe in its fundamental tenets of understanding work behavior. I also enjoy the small window of opportunity we have to balance both the needs of the business and the employee. To many, it seems like a job anyone can do, but for those that…

The Untouchables: Why You Should Stop Coddling Bad Employees


Are you one of those companies that would rather preserve everyone than let them go? Right now, I know of at least one organization where  — despite lackluster performance, poor behavior, and the disbanding of their team of direct reports — a leader is being salvaged beyond their time because no one has…

Flex Work and Telework: It’s About Time to Kick the Excuses to the Curb

Flex work

Why does your entire workforce need to be seen in the flesh? Can you provide three reasons why you need to have your staff physically present themselves to work that doesn’t begin with “Our internal customers” and end with “need face time?” Among the other excuses for why flexible work arrangements can’t happen…

How Do You Handle a Stifling, Micro-Managing Manager?


Have you ever worked for someone who couldn’t understand that you don’t need to have your hand held through each of your tasks? I have encountered this many times over. I get it as a parent can be with their child or a person with a spouse or boyfriend, because some leaders have…