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Howard Adamsky has been recruiting since 1985 and is still alive to talk about it. A consultant, writer, public speaker, and educator, he works with organizations to support their efforts to build great companies and coaches others on how to do the same. He has over 20 years' experience in identifying, developing, and implementing effective solutions for organizations struggling to recruit and retain top talent. An internationally published author, he is a regular contributor to ERE Media, a member of the Human Capital Institute's Small and Mid-Sized business panel, a Certified Internet Recruiter, and rides one of the largest production motorcycles ever built. His book, Hiring and Retaining Top IT Professionals/The Guide for Savvy Hiring Managers and Job Hunters Alike (Osborne McGraw-Hill) is in local bookstores and available online. He is also working on his second book, The 25 New Rules for Today's Recruiting Professional. See if you are so inclined for the occasional tweet. Email him at

The Bottom Line on Hiring Speed? Just Run Faster

Hiring speed

The primary factor in a successful attack is speed. – Lord Mountbattan Jason Warner has been thinking a lot about speed lately. Since reading his terrific article on ERE, so have I. If we indeed might be at the beginning stages of a frenzy that relates to hiring, then speed will quickly go…

Recruiting’s Dirty Little Secret: The Sad Existence of the Active Candidate

Illustration by Dreamstime.Illustration by Dreamstime.

“To see the right and not do it is cowardice.” – Author Unknown A recent ERE article by John Zappe titled “Should We Be Telling the Unemployed Not to Apply?” was excellent. Furthermore, judging by the varied, contentious, and well-thought-out comments, John’s work clearly struck a nerve with a cross section of ERE readership,…

Characteristics of the Craft

Characteristics of the Craft

Recruiting is clearly not for everyone. Its demands can be extraordinary and its customers unrealistic. Its candidates not entirely truthful and its reward often just the self-satisfied glow of a job well done. By its very nature, recruiting often creates a sense of contrast and contradiction. Hiring managers want the perfect candidate for…