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Erik Smetana is an HR and talent leader with extensive experience working in and fostering teams and innovation for an eclectic mix of dynamic organizations including Fortune 500 companies, international not-for-profit organizations, major market media outlets, and institutions of higher education and research among others. His thoughts and opinions related to all things human resources (and occasionally other topics) can be found online at

This Tool Will Help You Rethink Talent Acquisition

Regardless of mission or vision statements, the ultimate goal of any high-performing HR function — and or its “talent fulfillment” group — is to provide the support, resources, and expertise to help their organization acquire, develop, and retain top talent — a responsibility that starts with strategy, focuses on acquisition, and never ends….

Employee Wellness is Simply a Matter of Employee Engagement

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HR managers and leaders across the country are gathering together in meetings large and small, sharing ideas and concerns, and trying to understand the intricacies and impacts of health care reform on their organizations. There are the immediate and highly publicized changes that went into effect on January 1, 2013, but there’s a…

Getting Ready to Weather the Coming Workforce Shift

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Imagine something for me: you’re a manager in an organization, and it could be a conglomerate spanning continents or a “mom and pop” shop or a start-up. The where doesn’t matter, so much as this — you have to get things done. There’s only one of you and this means you need a…

Recruiters: Be Your Own Therapist

Talent management and recruitment, or really any of HR’s core functions, can be one of the most rewarding professions out there. It comes ready with excitement, positive challenges, and constant opportunities to learn. It is this sense of fast-paced, interesting work (with people, you do enjoy working with people, right?) that appeals to…

The Key to Gathering Employee Referrals: Changing Employee Perceptions

From the outside looking in, most people see the human resources function as a necessary corporate evil that slows down the business. Still referred to as the “personnel department” in many less-than-progressive organizations, human resources exists in the minds of many employees strictly for the purpose of dealing with administrative overflow and the…