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The 3 Most Hated Interview Questions – and How You Can Juice Them Up

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Editor’s Note: Readers frequently ask about past TLNT articles. That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday. When you’re asking interview questions day in and day out, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Even the most intuitive and engaging hiring managers may find themselves rattling off the same set of stock questions every day, and…

5 Keys to Make Sure That You Get Team Hiring Right

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Stop what you’re doing right now. Collaboration should be the foundation on which your entire hiring process is built. Hey, if Vanilla Ice can lead off his most timeless classic (we know, Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO! is tough to beat) with a call for collaboration, you can incorporate it into your team…

Some Smart Interview Takeaways From This Year’s Academy Awards


The glitz, the glamour, the upsets and the tear-jerking acceptance speeches Yes, the Academy Awards this year graced us again with Hollywood’s elite and we sure did enjoy it (even if it ran a little long). It wasn’t just a night of beautiful people though, we actually learned a few great interview tips along…

3 Things That Should Define The Future Of Recruiting


The future of recruiting depends on the future of technology. As we’ve seen, man hangs on for dear life as technology progresses. The person (or company) who understands the progress of tomorrow will have a leg up on the competition. Here are three (3) elements that will define the future of recruiting.

Goodbye Firing Squad: Why Panel Interviews Are Bad for Hiring

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Editor’s Note: Sometimes readers ask about past TLNT articles. That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday.  If there’s one truly divisive aspect of the hiring process, it’s the panel interview. Some companies swear by it, claiming that this stressful test is a good way to test a candidate’s mettle. Other companies…

Why You Need to Make Sure You Don’t Have Bias in Your Hiring Process

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Hiring bias is like a crack in the bottom of your business’s boat. If you continue on without ever fixing it, you will ultimately sink. Whether you know it’s down there or not, it’s always best to check for any problems. Your hiring depends on it. But what if bias helps you hire…

4 Ways to Leverage Your Office Vibe When Recruiting Top Talent

Recruiting is a hugely competitive process, and it’s what sets the tone for a new employee’s time at your company. Few things send a stronger signal to applicants than your office space and the team that fills it. Use them correctly and learn how to recruit top talent with your space (in ways…