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Derek Irvine is one of the world’s foremost experts on employee recognition and engagement, helping business leaders set a higher vision and ambition for their company culture. As the Vice President of Client Strategy and Consulting at Globoforce, Derek helps clients — including some of world’s most admired companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Intuit, KPMG, and Thomson Reuters — leverage recognition strategies and best practices to better manage company culture, elevate employee engagement, increase retention, and improve the bottom line. He's also a renowned speaker and co-author of Winning with a Culture of Recognition. Contact him at

4 Questions You Should Be Asking About Performance Management

Performance improvement plan PIP evaluation

With the recent news around Accenture and GE replacing their traditional performance review process with more frequent, timely feedback from multiple sources, it seemed Kismet when Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce, had his article, Creating an Effective Peer Review System,  published recently in the Harvard Business Review. Eric shares key elements to create, maintain and support…

5 Human Truths to Help Make Your Workplace More Human


I had the pleasure and honor of speaking again this year at SHRM’s 2015 annual conference. My topic – The Power of Thanks: Bringing Workplace Gratitude to the Next Level – involved a wide range through the history of humans at work, most of which was hard labor. For the majority of our history…

After Years of 3% Increases, Where Have All the Good Raises Gone?

Pay raise pay increase

Last month, The New York Times published an article bemoaning the loss of pay raises in favor of one-time bonuses and non-monetary rewards. Cited in the article, analyst firm Aon Hewitt calls this a “drastic shift” based on the firm’s annual survey on salaried employee compensation. The share of payroll budgets devoted to straight salary…

Here’s How to Keep Your Best Employees — Without Increasing Pay

Best employee

Fortune’s Leadership Insider network runs an interesting series, asking leaders a key question for response. Recently, a question asked to Sarah Kauss, CEO and founder of S’well, asked “How do you keep your best employees?” I encourage you to read her full comments, but three options to keep your best employees other than…