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Dean Debnam is CEO of Workplace Options, a leading global provider of work-life programs and employee benefits headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., that serves more than 46 million employees in over 34,000 organizations across 200 country and territories. Contact Dean through his assistant, Rose Von Krusze, at , or follow Workplace Options on Twitter at

The Growing Business Value of Employee Mental Health

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A lively conversation among business leaders about how to effectively – and legally – promote mental health in the workplace is now full swing. This is a wonderful thing, but some of the discussion is headed in the wrong direction. The Germanwings crash earlier this year caused C-level executives across the world to…

Dealing With Employee Stress: The Answer Is Right in Front of Them

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The job-stress connection isn’t new. It’s been around as long as the concept of employment. So if it’s always been there, why should businesses worry about it? And why now? There’s a simple answer to these questions: Employee stress costs every company money. Sometimes a lot of money. And it’s a bigger problem…

When You Tell an Employee That “Family Comes First,” Do You Mean It?

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“At this organization, family comes first.” This phrase is used so commonly by companies recruiting employees that its weight and meaning have almost disappeared. Don’t get me wrong. The words carry the most noble of intentions. But this is one of those claims that’s often uttered and rarely embraced. In honor of National…

Workplace Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: It’s a Benefit, Not a Burden

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Long gone are the standard 9-to-5 work days. If an email comes in on Saturday morning, a response is often expected by noon. We have the flexibility to work outside the office – and a similar expectation that we ARE working when we’re outside the office. Constantly connected, for better or worse. There…