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David Sneed is the owner of Colorado-based Alpine Fence Company and author of Everyone Has A Boss – A Two Hour Guide to Being the Most Valuable Employee at Any Company. As a Marine, father, husband, entrepreneur, author, and teacher, David has learned how to help others succeed. He teaches the personal benefits of a strong work ethic to entry-level employees. Contact him at David@EveryoneHasABoss.com.

Leading by Lying: Changing Perceptions By Adjusting the Scale


If it seems too hard, adjust the scale Before the June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion, maps were drawn up showing the position of all the Germans in Normandy. Allied planes flew daily reconnaissance missions to observe everything the enemy was doing along the beaches and cliffs of occupied France. Tanks, guns, and minefields were…

Are We Teaching Employees the Lessons We Want Them to Learn?

Grant in glass

My youngest, an 8th grader, was recently caught cheating. On advice from her parents, Natalie approached the teacher before school to admit she wasn’t prepared. Being the day of a basketball game, she asked for a way to suffer the after-school detention on some other day. The teacher told her “no,” so my…