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David Lee is the founder and principal of HumanNature@work and the creator of Stories That Change. He's an internationally recognized authority on organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance, morale, and engagement. He is also the author of "Managing Employee Stress and Safety," as well over 60 articles and book chapters. You can download more of his articles at HumanNature@work, contact him at david@humannatureatwork.com, or follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/humannaturework.

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Jacob Schneid has years of experience as a trainer, coach and consultant in individual, work unit and organizational improvement. His consulting practice, The Momentum Group, focuses on employee engagement, coaching and training. He has had a career-long interest in employee motivation and strengthening employee-manager relationships. He has developed a unique tool for improving the engagement of individual employees which has been successfully used in several leading Canadian companies. An introduction to the tool is available here. You can contact him at jschneid@sympatico.ca.

Waiting Tables, and Other Smart Things That Wise Leaders Do

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When the hedge fund Starboard Value took over the board of Darden Restaurants, the parent company of Olive Garden, Starboard’s CEO and Chairman Jeff Smith got to work. He waited tables and worked in the kitchen. All of Starboard’s new directors sitting on Darden’s board were required to do the same. They not…

What Happens When Leaders Show Humility and Openness to Feedback?


Whitney is an HR manager. She works for a small IT company. She found herself facing one of the most challenging conversations an employee can have: confronting her boss about his behavior. Adding to the difficulty factor, her boss was the company president. Whitney knew she would not be doing her job if…

Why Is It So Hard to Bring Up a Difficult Issue With Your Boss?


During a coaching session, Whitney, a mid-level manager, told me that she wished her boss Liam had handled the situation differently. The “situation” was Liam not addressing Whitney’s counterproductive management style until Whitney did something that almost got her fired. Whitney said that even though she was finding coaching very helpful, she wished…

Leadership 101: Do Your Daily Interactions Command Respect and Trust?


I had a recent interaction that got me thinking about how people show up in the world so differently, and how the way we show up tells others about who we are. While it’s important for anyone who cares about their career, reputation, and effectiveness to reflect on how they come across, it’s…

How to Keep Your Awesome Culture Awesome as Your Company Grows


“Culture is the glue of a company, and glue wears off.” — Ali Manouchehri, CEO and founder of Zoomph Ali Manouchehri’s observation mirrors the findings of an Inc. magazine survey of CEOs of fast-growing companies. Their No. 1 concern was how to keep their vibrant culture alive as they scale. How can leaders keep their…

How to Keep Innovation From Getting Crushed in Your Workplace


A couple of years ago, I read a news story about a rare rabbit that was accidently crushed while being filmed at a German zoo. During the filming of this rare rabbit, the cameraman, so focused on his job, stepped backwards and crushed the little fellow. The cameraman was so caught up in…

Why You Need to Customize Your Employee Experiences

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Is your organization skilled at creating a customized employee experience? Are your managers skilled at tailoring their management approach and communication style to address each employee’s unique engagement “recipe”? If you want your organization to have a chance in the talent war and survive in the marketplace of the future, your answer to…

3 Engagement-Enhancing Conversations Every Manager Should Have

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In Three Critical Conversations That Boost Employee Engagement, we described three types of conversations that provide managers with valuable information about how to bring out the best in each employee. But, there are more conversations you need to have: The Expectations Conversation; The Aspirations Conversation; and,  The Preferences Conversation.