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David Lee is the founder and principal of HumanNature@work and the creator of Stories That Change. He's an internationally recognized authority on organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance, morale, and engagement. He is also the author of "Managing Employee Stress and Safety," as well over 60 articles and book chapters. You can download more of his articles at HumanNature@work, contact him at david@humannatureatwork.com, or follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/humannaturework.

What Surfing Taught Me About Giving Feedback


While surfing with a friend, I was reminded about the importance of both giving and receiving feedback, and each person’s role in making it work. Here’s what happened… I started surfing with a friend and neighbor who had taken up surfing the year before. I’ll call him Laird. I’ve been surfing for years….

How Managers Can Get Better Results by Asking Better Questions

manager feedback

A manager’s ability to bring out the best in their direct reports is hugely affected by whether they engage them in conversations about what they, the manager, can do to help their direct report perform at their best. The usefulness of these conversations depends, in large part, upon the quality of questions the…

How One Company Lost An “A” Player and What You Can Do to Avoid It

How One Company Lost An “A” Player and What You Can Do to Avoid It

When Courtney told her manager she was leaving, every senior leader she had worked with in the company pulled her into their office asking what it would take to change her mind. One even said she could “write her own ticket” and he would make it happen. The only ticket Courtney wanted, though,…

How a Seasoned Manager Skillfully Deals With a Disgruntled Employee

Supervisor boss

It’s 8 pm on a Wednesday and Mike Royer, one of the managing principals of Berry Talbot Royer, an accounting firm, receives a text from an employee, who we will call Tiffany. She wants to know if she can take Friday off. He’s a bit surprised to receive the request at this time…

The Ultimate Workplace Power? When Managers Decide to Apologize

Sorry apology

“They weren’t quite sure what to do with it.” Cheryl chuckled after telling me what happened with her team. The “it” her team wasn’t quite sure how to deal with was Cheryl telling them she recognized she handled a situation poorly the previous day. “I told them what I had done wrong, what…

Selling Your Employer Brand: The Power You Find in Stories and Sound Bites

employer branding

Does your organization have a set of stories and sound bites that your recruiters and hiring managers share with potential candidates, stories that say: “Here’s what makes us a unique and awesome place to work” Do ALL of your employees know these stories and sound bites so if they are asked at a…

15 Factors That Impact How Your Employees Respond to Change


Here are 15 factors that can impact how your employees’ respond to change: 1. Control The amount of input and influence the employee has around the change, goals, processes, and outcomes. Research on stress shows that the degree of control a person has in a challenging or unpleasant situation is the No. 1…