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David leads digital strategy by refreshing executive perspectives, redesigning success metrics and leadership role specifications to meet the needs of today. He is a passionate voice for selecting relevant, collaborative lifelong learners as leaders. His interests are in seeing organizations outperform by acting nimbly, with a bias for action. David leads executive retreats to rediscover value propositions and business priorities, revenue enhancing business strategy initiatives and is a motivational business keynote speaker. Visit his Digital Business Strategy Marketing Management blog, view his digital marketing resume or follow him on Twitter.

Yahoo’s CEO Problem Offers Opportunity to Improve Recruiting Process for All Parties

Last Week Dan Loeb of Third Point Capital sent a letter to the board of directors of Yahoo asserting that Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson actually did not have a degree in degree in computer science as his executive biography indicated. Yahoo replied that this was an “inadvertent error.” Mr. Loeb wrote a response to…

How To Hire True Diversity and Get Beyond Hiring Only Local Candidates

Your company may be sending a brand-destroying message that hiring next year’s summer intern is more important than hiring your next director, vice president, or other C-level executive. Many firms are hiring college graduates and interns for next summer. In many of those cases, relocation is paid to the college graduate or summer…