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David Anderson

David S. Anderson is a nationally recognized recruiting consultant who specializes in building sustainable talent acquisition practices for his clients. He is the president of Talent()Bridge, soon to be the talent acquisition division of Performant Solutions, headquartered in Indianapolis, where he is also a partner.

Goldfish Have a Longer Attention Span than Job Candidates


A Microsoft study shows human attention spans to be eight seconds in our mobile-device-driven world. Goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds, according to scientists at MacEwan University. That’s one second better than us humans! “Not now, I’m looking at this job descrip … Hey, nice goldfish!” Conduct your own survey of job…

Close the Talent Gap These 6 Ways

CEOs are frustrated. According to a ManpowerGroup survey, 34% of companies are experiencing difficulty filling mission-critical positions. Paradoxically, the Department of Labor reports that 12.3 million people are still unemployed. And so here we sit, asking ourselves, why are we struggling to find the talent? Welcome to the Great Talent Gap of the…