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Bob Duffy is founder and principal at Insight Consulting, LLC, which specializes in corporate culture, research, and brand development. His teams have worked with the ITT Corporation, Verizon Communications, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Navy Recruitment Command, and the U.S. Army Reserve, among many others.

A committed advocate of brands based on shared values and substantive intellectual capital, he holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The Catholic University of America and the University of Maryland.

Shared-Value Strategy: A Fundamental Change That HR Should Embrace


Why are market leaders behaving like non-profits, and what does this mean for your workforce and company culture? Today, a surprising number of global market leaders are integrating explicit social and environmental goals into their business objectives. While this “higher-purpose” realignment is anything but universal right now, it is a highly visible trend…

Total Recall, 2012 Edition: Do You Recognize This Workplace?


Editor’s note: We asked a number of writers to take a look at the movies from the summer of 2012 with an HR or talent management theme. Bob Duffy was the first to weigh in on the remake of  Total Recall. Just when you thought you had forgotten the gubernator’s Total Recall of…

Are You Losing Potential Stars by “Burying the Lead” in Your Recruiting?


Don’t “bury the lead” in first-stage recruiting; you may lose potential stars. Your company may be limiting its recruiting success by not articulating clearly enough — and early enough — its most compelling attractors for job candidates. Here’s what I mean: Once your recruiting team identifies an open position, no matter how extensive…

Your Employment Brand: It Must Reflect What Your Workplace is About


If you work for a healthy, thriving organization, it’s likely that you can identify a consistent set of workplace values that are pretty much held in common by your workforce — or at least by your high-performing team members. Doesn’t it make sense to base your recruitment branding initiatives on these proven and…

Is There a Gap Between Your Culture and Your Recruiting Practices?

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Is there a gap between your recruiting practices and your culture? In today’s economy, even organizations of modest scope can expect many willing and qualified applicants for every open position. So if your small to mid-sized company is hiring, you may think you’re sitting pretty, and you may be tempted to snap up…