Adrian Kinnersley

About the Author

Adrian Kinnersley is founding partner and the managing director of Twenty Recruitment Group, one of the world?s fastest expanding independent recruitment businesses. With offices in London and New York the firm specializes in senior appointments within finance, financial services, and technology.

What A Brit Has to Say About American Recruiting Practices

Editor’s note: Today and tomorrow Fordyce presents two very different and contrasting perspectives on recruiting as practiced by American search firms. The articles were first published in our print newsletter The Fordyce Letter. Today’s article  is by Adrian Kinnersley who heads the fast-growing UK firm Twenty Recruitment. He has developed a familiarity with…

Why LinkedIn Will Never Kill the Professional Recruitment Industry

How LinkedIn is eating the recruitment industry suggested that LinkedIn, an essential tool in a recruiter’s arsenal, is actually going to devour the recruitment sector like an aggressive parasite. This is a very popular viewpoint — and an understandable one given the state of the jobs market, the focus on reducing recruitment spending,…