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Jobster Gets $7 Million Infusion

Jobster (profile; site ) pulled a rabbit out of the hat Thursday, announcing that its investment group has come up with $7 million in a fourth round of financing. This latest “D” round of financing brings to $56 million the total amount invested in the company since its founding. Even before the latest…

Chatter: Jobster, Kenexa, and Peopleclick

Jobster’s “Death Knell”… Has CEO Jason Goldberg and Jobster passed the point of no return? That’s the question posed on Joel Cheesman’s blog, along with a poll to determine whether Goldberg is, in fact, killing his company. Cheesman writes that a recent Wired magazine article criticizing Jobster’s leadership is a “fascinating ride into…

The Jobster Double-Whammy

Jobster officially announced on Thursday that it has formed an alliance with Facebook, and at the same time, it will start offering free, unlimited job postings. Earlier this year it seemed that the company had trouble giving its paying clients enough A-level talent. Now, after a round of massive layoffs in January, the…

Chatter: Jobster, LinkedIn, and Time to Get a Life!

Later, Jobster… Dave Lefkow said Friday he is leaving Jobster after 2.5 years “to pursue other interests” despite “some really exciting times ahead for Jobster.” The company’s vice president of professional services acknowledges that the industry landscape has evolved into a hip place to be, with online recruiting technologies “focused on revolutionizing how…